ENSEMBLE MISE-EN | ACOUSTIC+ #7 | Sounds from New England
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ACOUSTIC+ #7 | Sounds from New England

Friday, November 6, 2015, 8PM


678 Hart St #1B, Brooklyn, NY 11221

Sounds from New England

Keith Kirchoff: Seeing the Past Through the Prism of Tomorrow (2014)
Keith Kirchoff: White Canvas (2011)
Keith Kirchoff: The Adventures of Norby (2007)


William Matthews: WARP MEET WOOF (2015, world premiere)
Beth Wiemann: Jet-Pack (2015, world premiere)
Hiroya Miura: Chindami (2015, world premiere)
Keith Kirchoff: Irrational Rationalities (2015, world premiere)

Join us for SOUNDS FROM NEW ENGLAND, ACOUSTIC+ #7, a live event at MISE-EN_PLACE, the home venue of ensemble mise-en in Bushwick, Brooklyn. We will be premiering new works by four New England composers, written especially for this event. In addition to the new works, Keith Kirchoff will be giving a solo performance.


Kirchoff’s performance will consist of three pieces for solo piano and electronics: Seeing the Past Through the Prism of Tomorrow (2014), White Canvas (2011), and The Adventures of Norby (2007). In addition, ensemble mise-en will premiere his new piece, Irrational Rationalities.


Composer Beth Wiemann wrote Jet-Pack for ensemble mise-en this past summer. It is based on a poem by Miriam Gamble. Wiemann met Gamble while in residence at the Tyrone Guthrie Center in Ireland, where she heard Gamble’s work Introducing the Nissan Jet-Pack. The poem provides an interesting take on how we interact with machines, as well as particularly memorable rhythmic and comic phrasing.


Hiroya Miura, who wrote Chindami, was inspired by the music he heard in Okinawa as a boy in 1984. He later came to realize that the central mode of the Ryukyu folk songs of Okinawa more closely resembles the modes common in parts of Indonesia and Polynesia than those used in mainland Japan. Chindami is, in a sense, a magical realist piece—a song from an imaginary island between Okinawa and the South Pacific.


Bill Mathews, the Esty Professor of Music at Bates College in Maine, has taught there since 1978. His work has often been used in modern dance pieces and video installations. PORTMANTEAU was composed during the summer of 2015 for ensemble mise-en and Moon Young Ha. It is written for sextet (flute, clarinet, trombone, piano, violin, and bass) and stereo electro-acoustic tracks.


The connection between the new pieces and the Acoustic+ series is a simple idea. Art director, Moon Young Ha, required the composers to use more than acoustic instruments including electronic sounds such as live electronics and tape.


Tickets will be available at the door and can be purchased for $20 general admission or $15 for students and seniors. Your ticket will also include a complimentary drink.


MISE-EN_PLACE is located in the heart of Bushwick at 678 Hart St #1B, Brooklyn, NY 11221. Directions: M train to the Central Stop or the L train to the Dekalb stop.

The 2015-16 ACOUSTIC+ series is supported by The Alice M. Ditson Fund and The Amphion Foundation. (as of August 14, 2015)