ENSEMBLE MISE-EN | ACOUSTIC+ #8 | A collaboration with No Collective
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ACOUSTIC+ #8 | A collaboration with No Collective

Friday, January 22, 2016, 8PM


678 Hart St #1B, Brooklyn, NY 11221

A collaboration with No Collective


IMMACULATE CONCEPTION is a play of revelational music in two halves, six acts, and one intermission, which intends to reverse causalities (remove all stains) through the miraculous workings of uncanny resemblances, or at least give a fleeting impression thereof. Trough three rehearsals each, No Collective and ensemble mise-en, both comprised of exactly the same instrumentation (flute, violin, piano, bass clarinet, contrabass, trombone, and a conductor) and gender/race distribution, worked to become precise doppelgangers of each other without ever actually meeting one another. In the process, each group derived its own music through imitated gestures and (re-)imagined sounds of the other. Te effect of doubling (between a type and anantitype, so to speak) further proliferates at the concert, where the three-times-two rehearsals are unfolded in the three-times-two acts, the first half enfolded in the second, and each act is explained by the next while containing the one before. Te resulting sequence stages performative faith to something that never existed, something that appears as foreshadowing the events but only in retrospect. Te hope is for such perturbation of causes to save us all from our original sins (which is of course that of conceiving and being conceived), not through expiation, but through some sleight of hand. To see is to believe, to hear is to doubt, to concert is to bind.



First Half:

Act 1: ensemble mise-en as No Collective

Act 2: No Collective as ensemble mise-en

Act 3: ensemble mise-en as No Collective


– Intermission –


Second Half:

Act 4: No Collective as ensemble mise-en

Act 5: ensemble mise-en as No Collective

Act 6: No Collective as ensemble mise-en



The 2015-16 ACOUSTIC+ series is supported by New York State Council on the Arts, New York

City Department of Cultural Affairs, New York University, Te Alice M. Ditson Fund, Te Aaron

Copland Fund for Music, and Amphion Foundation.


Tickets will be available at the door and can be purchased for $20 general admission or $15 for students and seniors. Your ticket will also include a complimentary drink.

MISE-EN_PLACE is located in the heart of Bushwick at 678 Hart St #1B, Brooklyn, NY 11221. Directions: M train to the Central Stop or the L train to the Dekalb stop.