ENSEMBLE MISE-EN | CONNECTIONS | Denmark and New York Emerging Composers
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CONNECTIONS | Denmark and New York Emerging Composers

BROOKLYN, NY – On Thursday, October 5th at 8PM, ensemble mise-en will perform works by three New York-based and three Danish contemporary composers as part of its CONNECTIONS series. Each concert in this series details, explores, and ventures into the titular connections between artistic or cultural groups with unique geographies, traditions, and perspectives. The concert CONNECTIONS | Denmark and New York Emerging Composers showcases cutting-edge works by Christian Winther Christensen, Nicolai Worsaae, Rune Glerup, John Rot, Emily Praetorius, and Meredith Gilna, while bringing artists and audience alike together for an evening of international exchange.

General: $20 / Students: $10

Christian Winther Christensen: Sextet (2010-14)
Nicolai Worsaae: Zwischen den beiden Kammern (2013)
Rune Glerup: Dust Encapsulated #2 (2009)
John Rot: Trombone Solo (2017)
Emily Praetorius: Chiral for flute and electronics (2014, revised 2017)
Meredith Gilna: Gravity Shuffle (2017)

The CONNECTIONS | Denmark and New York Emerging Composers program is curated by mise-en Artistic Director Moon Young Ha and Danish composer Henrik Budde Nisse, bringing the work of six contemporary composers – three based in Denmark and three based in New York City – into a challenging and creative dialogue for viewers. The piece Sextet (2010-2014) by Christian Winther Christensen showcases Christensen’s propensity for details, that focus the audience and heighten the sense of surprise as small moments expand and converge in unique and innovative ways. The piece Zwischen den beiden Kammern (2013) by Nicolai Worsaae segments the performing ensemble, drawing on an ancient antiphonal technique in which two groups of singers or musicians engage in a form of call and response. For Worsaae, however, the exchange of gestures and sounds between the groups of performers are intended to highlight difference, the in-between space, and moments of sonic transformation. Dust Encapsulated #2 (2009) by Rune Glerup explores not only the spatial elements of sound, but also its potential material elements, as the piece is composed of what Glerup refers as “musical objects”, or clearly demarcated blocks of sound that build on relational friction rather than linear development. NYC based composer John Rot is premiering a new piece Trombone solo (2017) that he composed for Ensemble Mise-En’s trombonist Mark Broschinsky, which combines solo trombone and electronics that include pre-recorded tracks by Broschinsky. Meredith Gilna’s Gravity Shuffle (2017) is a collision between two inherently different strands – a mildly edited field recording made in Buffalo, NY, and a collection of harmonies. The simultaneous but contrasting processes (a circular journey around a neighborhood, a meandering and unpredictable piano) propose a sense of uncertainty – given the materials, the situation can never be quite harmonious, and a peculiar environment exists within that tension. Emily Praetorius’s Chiral (2014, revised 2017) for solo flute and live electronics explores the lush, percussive, and evocative tones of the flute. The title, Chiral, is derived from the greek word kheir meaning asymmetry.

About the CONNECTION series

CONNECTIONS explores the titular “connections” between New York City – the physical and artistic home base of ensemble mise-en – and various destinations around the world, each with their own unique artistic traditions, cultural views, and approaches. Ensemble mise-en considers it of utmost importance to develop and maintain a local community of like-minded colleagues and supporters, yet ultimately bringing one’s art outside the realm of the comforts of home (be that a physical location or something more abstract, such as a regular audience or a different artistic setting) is necessary to encourage continual creative growth.

About The Composers

Meredith Gilna (Gravity Shuffle) is a composer of the ‘classical’ variety with an affinity for the avant garde, based in Buffalo, NY. Many of her pieces utilize graphics or other non musical sources as a framework, treated with different degrees of intuition and literal translation, to create music with an unexpected shape and content. She very rarely composes a piece in the same method multiple times, and has a fondness of gesture, non functional harmony, extended techniques, odd timbres, and low sounds. For more: https://meredithgilna.wordpress.com/

Rune Glerup (Dust Encapsulated #2) is a composer who has studied both at the Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen, Denmark, and the French institute IRCAM. His work is concerned with communicating through abstraction rather than narrative. He is the recipient of numerous awards and fellowships, and from 2012-2016, served as the Artistic Director for the KLANG – Copenhagen Avantgarde Music Festival. For more: http://www.runeglerup.dk/

John Rot (solo trombone) is a composer, pianist, conductor, and teacher based in New York City. His work challenges established standards of musical form and rhythm, employing unique conceptualizations of division and simultaneity to suggest new approaches to music’s most important parameter: duration. For more: http://www.johnrot.net/

Emily Praetorius (Chiral for flute and electronics – 2014, revised 2017) is a composer from Ojai, CA. She holds an MM in composition from Manhattan School of Music (2014) and a BM in clarinet performance and composition from the University of Redlands (2008). Her past teachers include Susan Botti, Anthony Suter, and Kathryn Nevin with additional guidance from Reiko Fueting and Sam Pluta. Emily is currently pursuing her DMA at Columbia University studying with Georg Friedrich Haas. For more: http://www.emilypraetorius.com/

Christian Winther Christensen (Sextet) is a musician and composer whose work is characterized both by its relationship to classical music history and to the contemporary avant-garde, by both its “serious” and “absurdist” elements. He is a co-founder of the Danish composers group Dygong together with Simon Loeffler, Nicolai Worsaae, and Regin Petersen. He holds degrees from the Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen, and his work has been performed extensively throughout Europe. For more: http://www.christianwintherchristensen.dk/
Nicolai Worsaae is one of the founders of the Danish composers group Dygong together with Simon Loeffler, Christian Winther Christensen and Regin Petersen, a platform specialized in new music inspired by or often in collaboration with other art forms. Worsaae holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from the Royal Danish Academy of Music. His main focus is score based instrumental compositions with electronic sound layers. For more: http://www.nicolaiworsaae.dk/

About The Presenter
ENSEMBLE MISE-EN is a New York-based contemporary music collective led by composer Moon Young HA. Comprised of talented young musicians, ENSEMBLE MISE-EN strives to bring a repertoire of challenging new sounds to diverse audiences, wishing to impart an experience that is simultaneously multi-cultural, intellectually stimulating, and aesthetically pleasing. ENSEMBLE MISE-EN performs throughout the U.S. and maintains offices in Brooklyn, NY.

About The Venue
Nancy Manocherian’s the cell, based in the heart of Chelsea is “creating works to mine the mind, pierce the heart, and awaken the soul.” This not for profit collective is giving artists and musicians a space and platform to share their new and innovative work. From artist galleries, to jazz ensembles, to writing residencies, the cell’s established revolving door of talent coming in and out continues to flourish and grow.

Supported financially by The Danish Music Publishers Association / Koda’s Cultural Contributions

Thursday, October 5, 2017 @ 8P

the cell
338 W 23rd St
New York, NY 10011