ENSEMBLE MISE-EN | Swedish Contemporary Music (NYC)
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Swedish Contemporary Music (NYC)

Join ENSEMBLE MISE-EN on a tour of Sweden, via five of her freshest compositional voices, in CONNECTIONS: Swedish Contemporary Music. The evening will feature the likes of Fabian Svensson, Henrik Denerin, Kristofer Svensson, Mauro Godoy Villalobos, and Lars Bröndumm. Each composer will be traveling from Sweden for rehearsals and performances with ENSEMBLE MISE-EN, and the concert itself is one of an ongoing series featuring a cross-Atlantic collaboration between the MISE-EN and the Society of Swedish Composers (Föreningen svenska tonsättare).

The concert is open to the public and will be held at the Scandinavia House, located at 58 Park Avenue in Manhattan, NY on Monday October 24th, 2016 at 8:00pm. Tickets are $15.00 and $10.00 for students and guests over 65 years. Tickets may be purchased in-person at the venue or online here: goo.gl/bKJgkj

It will be a most memorable evening of exotic, eccentric, and eclectic compositions imported straight from Scandinavia. Bask in a blend of European and American soundscapes, as ENSEMBLE MISE-EN takes the stage and presents Fabian Svensson’s Exercises in Indulgence. Listen to Lars Brögndumm’s take of a visual art theory in The Serpentine Line. Indulge in nostalgia for the long days of summer in Kristofer Svensson’s l denna ljuva sommartid. Mauro Godoy Villalobos’s Imagen sin Tiempo is Spanish saying for “image without time” and Henrik Denerin’s will explore the mysterious relationship between math and music in matheme.

The CONNECTIONS series explores the relationships between artistic and cultural groups that are, or have been separated by distance-be it physical or generational-and how that awareness can cultivate unique emotional pathways through art. ENSEMBLE MISE-EN is a New York-based contemporary music collective led by composer Moon Young HA. Comprised of talented young musicians, ENSEMBLE MISE-EN strives to bring a repertoire of challenging new sounds to diverse audiences, wishing to impart an experience that is simultaneously multi-cultural, intellectually stimulating, and aesthetically pleasing. ENSEMBLE MISE-EN performs throughout the U.S. and maintains offices in Brooklyn, NY.

Kristofer Svensson: I denna ljuva sommartid (2016, world premiere)
Lars Bröndum: The Serpentine Line (2016, world premiere)
Mauro Godoy Villalobos: Imagen Sin Tiempo (2016, world premiere)
Fabian Svensson: Exerises in Indulgence (2016, world premiere)
Henrik Denerin: matheme for double trio (2016, world premiere)

October 24, 2016 @ 8P

The Scandinavia House
58 Park Ave, New York, NY
$15 general/$10 students