ENSEMBLE MISE-EN | DARTMOUTH RESIDENCY: Music, Soundspace & Architecture
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DARTMOUTH RESIDENCY: Music, Soundspace & Architecture

DARTMOUTH RESIDENCY: Music, Soundspace & Architecture

Monday, May 2, 2016, 7:00PM
Faulkner Recital Hall (2 West Wheelock Street Hanover, NH 13755)

Monday, May 3, 2016, 7:00PM
Spaulding Auditorium (2 West Wheelock Street Hanover, NH 13755)

From cathedrals to culture mediated through the web, public, private, and even virtual spaces have inspired composers and artists for centuries.Dartmouth’s 2016 New Music Festival will explore the theme “Music, Sound Space, and Architecture,” displaying diverse contemporary understandings of our environment.


The festival is comprised of four events over three days in early May. New-York-based contemporary-music ensemble mise-en will perform two concerts presenting music composed for the festival by aspiring and establishedDartmouth composers. A third improvisation concertwill be held in Sarner Underground, featuring undergraduate and Digital Musics masters students. Sound art exploring the theme of sound space and architecture will be curated throughout the festival. Finally, a series of short talks by Dartmouthresearches in varied fields will show how the arts and sciences have cross-pollinated contemporary understandings of sound in space.


The festival will present the works of the following faculty and Graduate and undergraduate student composers, improvisers and installation artists:  Brain Chalif, Prajeet Bajpai, Kui Dong, Joris van der Herten, Kyle Kaplan, Jiayi Lu, James Tecuatl-Lee, Orestis  Lykouropoulos, Stavros Orfeas Zormpalas,Stefan Maier, Daniel Miller, Spencer Topel and Victor Shepardson