ENSEMBLE MISE-EN | MISE-EN MUSIC FESTIVAL 2017 – Call for Scores Results
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MISE-EN MUSIC FESTIVAL 2017 – Call for Scores Results

MISE-EN MUSIC FESTIVAL 2017 – Call for Scores Results

Dear composers,

It was truly a pleasure to have a chance to listen to all of your wonderful works, and we appreciate your patience during our judging process. This year we received 1122 submissions, and we have listed the pieces that we have chosen for mise-en music festival 2017 below.

We hope to see you at the 2017 festival as well as at our season concerts, and please keep in touch! We plan to have a call for scores for mise-en music festival 2018 in July 2017. Thank you very much for your music and special thanks to all our call-for-scores judges.

ensemble mise-en


Tuesday, June 20 – Sunday, June 25

Selected 49 Visiting Composers and Works

-Ali Puskulcu (USA): ReveL (2016)
-Alyssa Weinberg (USA): zoomOrphia (2013, NY premiere)
-Anahita Abbasi (Iran): FAAB IV / A Femme fatale (2016, US premiere)
-Andrew Lewis (British/Wales): Straatmuziek (2016, US premiere)
-Anna Pidgorna (Ukraine-Canada/USA): Weeping (2015, US premiere)
-Antonio Macaretti (Italy): Si è (2015, US premiere)
-Arne Gieshoff (Germany): Couplets (2016, US premiere)
-Brendon Randall-Myers (USA): Chopsticks (2016)
-Charles Mason (USA): Thimblerigger (2003, NY premiere)
-Chin Ting Chan (Hong Kong/USA): Cross-currents (2015, NY premiere)
-Christopher Biggs (USA): Contraposition (2015)
-Claudio Panariello (Italy): Flebili stelle nere (2016, US premiere)
-Clovis McEvoy (New Zealand): Flâneur (2012, US premiere)
-Corey Cunningham (USA): From Down Here (2016, NY premiere)
-Deovides Reyes III (Philippines/USA): The Dockyard (2016, US premiere)
-Ed Martin (USA): Skipping Stones (2008, NY premiere)
-Erin Rogers (Canada/USA): Jaw Box (2016, NY premiere)
-Eun-Ji Lee (South-Korea): Map/Satellite-Hybrid du (2014, US premiere)
-Frédéric Le Bel (Canada/France): Alors que le monde est décomposé (2016, US premiere)
-Fusun Koksal (Turkey): Shiftings (2013, NY premiere)
-Gabriel Dufour-Laperrière (Canada): Clinamen II (2015, US premiere)
-Giuseppe Desiato (Italy): Vita brevis (2016, world premiere)
-Heatther Stebbins (USA): miniinim (2014, NY premiere)
-Ivan Vukosavljevic (Serbia/The Netherlands): Trills, spills & Bellyaches (2016, US premiere)
-Jane O’Leary (USA/Ireland): the passing sound of forever (2015, US premiere)
-Jeff Weston (USA): RULER PIECE No. 3: SLOW POWER CHORD (2015, NY premiere)
-Joel Rust (England/USA): TRIO TRIO TRIO (2016, US premiere)
-Karsten Brustad (Norway): “tign” (2013, US premiere)
-Kristina Warren (USA/England): the chance that time takes (2015, NY premiere)
-Laura Marconi (Italy): Manyara Lake’s Song (2015, world premiere)
-Leo Cicala (Italy): Khoisan (2015, NY premiere)
-Linda Buckley (Ireland): Torann (2015, US premiere)
-Lonnie Hevia (USA): Nefarious (2006, NY premiere)
-Martin Gendelman (Argentina/USA): Imbalance (2015, NY premiere)
-Nathaniel Haering (USA): Cimmerian Isolation (2016, NY premiere)
-Nick Omiccioli (USA/Singapore): GRINDCORE (2016, NY premiere)
-nicolas rodriguez (Aregentina): El viento sera eterno (2016, world premiere)
-Per Bloland (USA): Wood Machine Music (2009)
-RACHEL BEJA (Israel/Italy): Green Flash (2015, US premiere)
-Sarah Hennies (USA): Expenditures (2012, NY premiere)
-Shahriyar Farshid (Iran/Austria-USA): Amorphen IX – for piano and string quartet (2015, US premiere)
-Sojin Yoon (South Korea): Limits & no Limits (2016, US premiere)
-Soojung Park (South Korea): Monologue (2014)
-Thomas Wally (Austria): impressions…en relief II (2010, US premiere)
-Thomas Yee (USA): The Illumina Sextet (2016, NY premiere)
-Tianyi Wang (China/USA): The Letter (2015, NY premiere)
-Timothy Page (USA/Finland): Humayun (2015, NY premiere)
-Zach Thomas (USA): efflux (2014, NY premiere)

Special thanks to our call for scores judges:
-Armando Merino and Ensemble BlauerReiter
-Carrie Frey and Chartreuse Ensemble
-Kelley Barnett (flutist)
-Vasko Dukovski (clarinetist)
-Mark Broschinsky (trombonist)
-Josh Perry (percussionist)
-Yumi Suehiro (pianist)
-Dorothy Chan (pianist)
-Hajnal Pivnick (violinist)
-Hannah Levinson (violist)
-Maria Hadge (cellist)
-Evan Runyon (contrabassist)
-Geoff Landman (saxophonist)
-Moon Young Ha (composer and artistic director)
-Chin Ting Chan (composer, mise-en music festival 2016 fellow)
-Jason Mitchell (composer, mise-en music festival 2016 fellow)