ENSEMBLE MISE-EN | MISE-EN MUSIC FESTIVAL 2018 – Call for Scores Results
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MISE-EN MUSIC FESTIVAL 2018 – Call for Scores Results

MISE-EN MUSIC FESTIVAL 2018 – Call for Scores Results

Dear composers,

It was truly a pleasure to have a chance to listen to all of your wonderful works, and we appreciate your patience during our judging process. This year we received 572 submissions from 48 countries, and we have listed the pieces that we have chosen for mise-en music festival 2018 below. We would like to emphasize that the selection process was solely based on submitted music itself, and we didn’t have any agendas for a specific ethnicity, gender, religion, sexuality, or nationality.

We hope to see you at the 2018 festival as well as at our season concerts, and please keep in touch! We plan to have a call for scores for mise-en music festival 2019 in July 2018.

Thank you very much for your music and special thanks to all our call-for-scores judges.

ensemble mise-en

Selection Committee

Kelley Barnett, Mark Broschinsky, Josh Perry, Yumi Suehiro, Vasko Dukovski, Evan Runyon, Christopher Irvine, Dorothy Chan, Elizabeth Fleming, Erin Lensing, Hannah Levinson, Hugh Ash, Liz Hogg, Yumi Ito and Moon Young Ha

Selected 26 Visiting Composers and Works

-Amy Brandon (Canada): lake strata (2017, US premiere)
-Lydia Winsor Brindamour (USA): TBA (2018, World premiere)
-James Budinich (USA/Croatia): Evening, in the Open Air (2017, NY premiere)
-Alican Camci (Turkey): valse triste redux (2017, US premiere)
-Jörgen Häll (Sweden): Cloud/Sliver (2018, World premiere)
-George Holloway (England): Crystal Images II: Beijing Hutongs, Spring ‘18 (2018, World premiere)
-Maija Hynninen (Finland): Freedom from Fear (2017, NY premiere)
-Hunjoo Jung (South Korea): Gestalt I: Discursive Unities (2017)
-Amelia Kaplan (USA): Meditation on a Guitar (2014, NY premiere)
-Sunghyun Lee (South Korea): hmm…do you LOVE suspensions? (2017, US premiere)
-Yuan-Chen Li (Taiwan/USA): Indispensable Dislocation (2018, World premiere)
-Victor Marquez-Barrios (Venezuela): Tres Recuerdos (2009, NY premiere)
-Patrick McGraw (Canada/USA): Force of Nature (2017, NY premiere)
-Gráinne Mulvey (Ireland): Interstices (2011, NY premiere)
-Sonja Mutic (Serbia/Croatia): abgrund (2017, US premiere)
-Benjamin Oliver (England): Mr. Turquoise Synth (2017, US premiere)
-Agnes Ida Pettersen (Norway): In b (2015, US premiere)
-Ville Raasakka (Finland): Vanishing Point (2013, US premiere)
-Johanna Ruotsalainen (Finland): TBA (2018, World premiere)
-Philip Schuessler (USA): Fireflies Were Making Decodable Signals On Behalf of Stranded Spirits… (2014, NY premiere)
-Juri Seo (South Korea/USA): Suite (2018, World premiere)
-José Manuel Serrano (Argentina): Pentimenti en la obra de Frenhofer (2018, World premiere)
-Jan Martin Smørdal (Norwegian): flock foam fume (2016, US premiere)
-Simon Söfelde (Sweden): TBA (2018, World premiere)
-Ewa Trebacz (USA / Poland): Ligeia (2016, NY premiere)
-Steven Whiteley (USA): ;,, ;, ‘,, ,’,,”, ,’ ,’,’,,, ‘, for percussion, live electronics, and video (2015, US premiere)