ENSEMBLE MISE-EN | NYFA’s First International Composers Exchange
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NYFA’s First International Composers Exchange

Our Lady of Lebanon Maronite Cathedral

113 Remsen Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201

$15 (general) / $12 (members)

Jeremiah Runnels: The Europeans: A Melodrama of Logic (2013, world premiere)

Born in 1982, Houston, Texas, Jeremiah C. Runnels studied Sonology, Composition and Music Theatre at the Royal Conservatory in the Hague as well as Master of Artistic Research within the Interfaculty of Art and Science. He attended workshops that enabled him to work with key artists in the contemporary music scene, such as Karlhienz Stockhausen, Brian Freneyhough, Robert Ashley and Alvin Curran. In the past year his works were performed in various locations: Delta Centre for Contemporary Art, Korzo (the Hague), Concertgebow (Amsterdam) and Warwick Arts Centre (UK) to name a few. He was invited guest lecturer for a lecture-performance by the Political Art Initiative hosted by LUC Research Center, Leiden University. He is currently founder and member of both Ensemble Lˆs Caballeros with Andy Ingamells, Ivan Babinchak Renqvist, Julia Reist and Het Atelier with Yedo Gibson, Cornelis de Bondt. He is partnering with Ensemble Mise-En, the innovative and versatile New York-based contemporary music collective, led by composer Moon Young Ha.

Artist Statement: The use of Chance/ indeterminacy: sound as a self standing medium for art (and later the definition of sound that reaches past its physiological demarcations), removal of the audience: are put forward not as novelties but as radical and primal procedures. They are the axioms by which we navigate, not by which we map. We are the generation of mutants and monsters. I speak Experimental Music as my mother tongue. Not as the music of the elite in reference to the music of the ordinary, but as the music that allows me to play. It allows the ruins of previous eras to be remodeled into structures that can stand well in these uncertain times. Infrastructure is only as contingent as the seismic activity upon which it is built. (http://www.nyfa.org/level2.asp?id=195&fid=1)