ENSEMBLE MISE-EN | Walls and Bridges | A collaborative project with Loge22
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Walls and Bridges | A collaborative project with Loge22

Presented by Villa Gillet

The Indivisible Dog Gallery
51 Bergen St, Booklyn, NY 11201

Free Admission

Elizabeth Hoffman: wisprs (2012)
Moon Young HA: nabi (2012)

“I contain multitudes” — An evening of music, performance and storytelling

“I is Another,” said Rimbaud. “I am large, I contain multitudes,” claimed Walt Whitman. “Each one of us believes himself to be a single person. But it’s not true… Each one of us is many persons, “ wrote Luigi Pirandello in his Six Characters In Search of an Author. A menagerie of French and American writers, artists, thinkers and performers will share stories, screen clips, stage protests, play musical selections and perform dramatic pieces to mine the multiple and contradictory facets of their identities. This series of five-minute performances will be preceded by Unisson, a twenty-minute collaborative piece by the dance collective Loge 22 ( Marie Goudot, Julien Monty and Michaël Pomero) and the music collective ensemble mise-en with Patti Kilroy (1st violin), Sabina Torosjan (2nd violin), Trevor New (viola) and Alexandra Jones (violoncello), which will be led by Moon Young HA.